Pest Beware, Bed Bug Trap

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  • DURABLE DESIGN; Bed bug traps have a thick base and walls; Double channeling catcher trap are a protector from cracking; Interceptor guards offer prevention for beds and couches; Coaster style to protect carpets and flooring
  • ENVIRONMENTAL SHIELD AND NO PESTICIDE; Detector accessories provide natural deterrent and insect finder; Family and pet safe treatment device; Barrier to block and control insects
  • WHITE INTERCEPTORS ALLOW EASY DETECTION; Light container helps control and identification of the dark colored pests; Detectors make elimination easy; Removal treatment and monitor is a snap with this device
  • DUAL CHANNEL GUARDS DETERRENT; Detectors have a rough outer surface with an outer and inner wall to monitor bugs coming in and guards entry to mattress or furniture; Slick inner well is an identification checker and traps bugs and preventer for reentry
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Our bed bugs trap is backed by our manufacturer 30 day money back guarantee with a 1 year free replacement warranty



Do you want prevention for your family from unwanted crawling invaders?

BED BUG AND INSECT SHIELD CATCHER AND DETERRENT Our bugs buster device acts as a protective net and barrier to monitor and control pests. No longer worry about insects climbing into your mattress, beds, couch, and other furniture. You can even take our interceptors when you travel. Comes in a handy 4-pack to monitor all legs. Our product delivers that piece of mind.

ECO FRIENDLY PROTECTOR TRAPS PESTICIDE FREE PROTECTION REPELLENT Interceptor accessories provide a natural chemical free treatment remover and monitor for all types of crawling bugs. Control and guards while protecting your family, animals, and environment. Other products use sticky glues and harmful chemicals. Get a blocker and repeller that helps in your prevention and identification without side effects.

DURABLE DESIGN AND WHITE BARRIER DETECTION The dual walled coaster is of thick design to prevent the container from cracking. The white colored finder allows for easier identification and quick removal. The detector pads also protects your carpet and floors. Our protectors are built to last and will gives years of prevention.

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! Our Premium Bed Bug Detectors are backed by our manufacturer 30 day money back guarantee with 1 year free replacement warranty.

Get a blocker and stopper while supplies last to protect your cherished area while at home or travel. Click ADD TO CART Now and worry no more.


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